Carpet Tape Adhesive Removal

adhesive remover from thetapeworks.comDouble sided carpet tape needs an especially aggressive adhesive, and these are the adhesives most likely to leave residue. They are designed to hold tightly and not give side to side when exposed to lots of foot traffic. Constant application of heavy foot traffic can cause the adhesive to bond to the floor in a way that prevents it from coming up clean when it is time for removal.

Try this trick for removing tough adhesive residue.

Use a hair dryer to warm up the residue. Apply at low heat settings for about a minute to soften the glue.

Use a non-metal scraper like a plastic paint scraper to attack the residue from the side, trying to gently force it between the tape and the floor, lifting as you move forward. Additional use of your hair dryer may help as the tape begins to lift away from the floor.

For final removal of remaining adhesive residue, use a solvent applied with a soft cloth, rubbing in a circular motion.


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