Trade Shows Are Real Estate In Miniature-Location! Location! Location!

trade show tips from tradeshowtape.comIt doesn’t matter what sort of swag you give away or how many pretty girls in tight tee shirts your booth features, if you don’t get the right location, your trade show efforts will fall short.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get seen.

1. Plan ahead-way ahead! If you can’t get a good location, skip this year and register for the next. Better to wait than to be out of business by the time next year’s show rolls around.

2. If possible, actually visit the venue during a trade show to see how traffic flows. Consider lighting, proximity to places everyone visits, like bathrooms, escalators and water fountains, background noise and visual impediments like columns.

3. Consider visiting your top choices the year before you actually mount a display to see what your competition is doing.

4. Develop a relationship with the show staff. They can give you tips on how to best utilize their show and they will appreciate your personal attention. If they give you advice that helps at the show, don’t forget the follow up “thank you”.


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