Getting It There Is Half The Job

shipping tips from tradeshowtape.comGetting your trade show materials actually delivered to the location where you will set up your display may be the toughest part of having a trade show presence.

Here are a few tips to insure that your materials arrive when and where they are needed.

Make sure that the shipper you use allows for package tracking.  Combining a UPS or Fed Ex tracking number with an online application like Track This will insure that you can follow your materials every step of the way.

Minimize the number of packages in your shipment.  Fewer pieces means less potential for lost pieces.  Fewer parcels will also reduce onsite handling costs, since lots of trade show facilities charge you by the piece to get your material from the loading dock to the display area.

Mark your pieces with easily identifiable color coding.  Use brightly colored tape or paint markers.

Make sure you put identifying information, including your phone number, inside of every parcel.  If outside labels are damaged, you still have a chance to get your stuff.


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