Navigating Trade Show Rules

Trade shows have rules. Rules for exhibitors, rules for attendees, rules for vendors, rules, rules rules…

The most complicated rules, and the ones with the strictest enforcement, usually come from the facility hosting the show. Sometimes they are clear, sometimes not.

Some of the most important, at least when it comes to penalties for not following them, relate to tape-the kind that can be used and where it is acceptable to use it.

That is where understanding how gaffers tape works and where it is appropriate to use it.

Because gaffers tape uses a high quality synthetic adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly and not leave residue, it is the preferred tape in almost all convention and trade show facilities.

If you are not sure, please check with the specific facility where you are working to make sure which tapes are approved and where and how they are used.

This is one case where it is much better ( and usually a lot less expensive) to ask permission than to ask for forgiveness.
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